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Managed Firewall

Increases Security

Briese Computer Services, Inc experts will work with your you to determine the best hardware, audit existing firewalls to ensure optimum performance and implement a firewall and VPN infrastructure tailored to your needs. We will then proactively monitor your firewalls and VPNs 24X7 to detect and respond to any malicious activity. The end result is the ability to stop attacks before damage is done.

Website Content Blocking

Improves Productivity

By limiting the Internet content employees are are able to browse during business hours, you effectively improve their productivity online. Briese Computer Services, Inc. will work with you to determine the best use of the Internet in your organization and block content & websites that are offensive or hold no business purpose. This can be done on a per user or per group basis with one group of people having full access and others limited to certain content. Firewall policies can also be designed to restrict the downloading of certain types of files, greatly improving security as well.

Internet Usage & Security Reports

Peace of Mind

Monthly, weekly, or daily reports give you the information you need to know that your network is secure and your employees are productive online. We provide online reports outlining security events, malicious activity, bandwidth usage, as well as details on an individual user basis. Reports rank usage by user, site, & type (FTP, HTTP, E-mail, chat, etc) These reports also let you easily determine when additional bandwidth is needed, saving you money by making informed decisions.

Proactive Firewall Policy Updates

Increases  Efficiency

We remove the burden of day-to-day firewall and VPN maintenance enabling you to focus on more productive initiatives. Our experts will manage the entire lifecycle of your firewalls and VPNs including general system administration, patch and upgrade installation, VPN key management, policy updates and daily configuration updates.  With less maintenance overhead and centralized reporting, you will achieve a more efficient and cost effective security system.

Periodic Network Vulnerability Scans

Proactive Instead of Reactive

Vulnerability scans are an essential component in an effective information security program. Vulnerability scans can provide you with a wealth of valuable information about your level of exposure to threats. Regularly conducting assessments of your critical or  high-risk systems helps to proactively fortify your network against new threats.

Implementing an effective, periodic vulnerability scanning program requires organizations to dedicate members of their security team to this task. These team members must have the expertise, experience and focus necessary to efficiently conduct vulnerability scans and, more importantly, interpret the results. Unfortunately, most organizations do not have these resources available to them.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning provides your organization with the 24X7 expertise you need to enhance your security posture, improve efficiency and reduce the costs associated with implementing an effective vulnerability scanning program.

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