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Network Security Services

Computer viruses and hacking are steadily increasing in volume and sophistication. Threats include data loss caused by hackers; Internet-based worms, denial-of-service, and virus attacks; security compromises by internal sources; and penetration attacks aimed at stealing or damaging valuable assets.

Briese Computer Services, Inc certified experts can help you:

  • Develop a security strategy with 24x7 monitoring

  • Setup & deploy state of the art firewalls & IDS devices

  • Deploy automated software for protection against viruses & spam

  • Perform comprehensive security audits

  • Deploy operating system and software patches automatically

  • Recover quickly from hackers, virus,  and worm attacks

  • Provide on-site and remote service

Security Planning
Every business should have a carefully thought out security policy that includes proactive technology to avoid a security breach. The proactive or pre-attack strategy is a set of policies that helps to minimize vulnerabilities and develop contingency plans.

BCS experts can help you perform a full risk assessment and define a computer security policy to implement  controls that minimize future attacks and threats.

Briese Computer Services, Inc. can advise you about how to design security into your business processes. We can install scanning and auditing software, define and implement a secure network architecture, and recommend procedures and policies to optimize the security of your network. BCS is available to help you configure a firewall, set up secure remote access to email and data, and implement a virtual private network (VPN).

If you are interested in an economical way to outsource your security  & administration efforts, Briese Computer Services, Inc 24x7 Managed Security Services , and 24x7 Managed Network Services, include continual remote network monitoring and fast response to problems.

Outsourcing Spam Blocking and E-mail Virus Protection
Briese Computer Services, Inc offers small businesses Spam Canner, a managed service that stops spam and email-borne viruses before they can penetrate your corporate firewall. Find out more about Spam Canner and e-mail virus protection here.

Automated Security Audits
We offer expertise with security auditing software for performing a variety of automatic system scans to identify potential security problems. Briese Computer Services, Inc has extensive experience with these tools and can help you to analyze reports and address any issues.

Patch Management

"By 2006, the percentage of attacks that occur before the majority of enterprises can successfully install patches will increase to 30 percent, from 15 percent in 2003 (0.7 probability)." - John Pescatore and Ray Wagner, Gartner Group

Keeping all of your networked system up-to-date is an essential component to the overall security of the system. Patches or fixes are released almost daily for major operating systems & software packages. Continuously updating all of your systems can be time consuming and expensive.

Briese Computer Services, Inc can help you keep all of your systems up-to-date for a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. We can implement technology that not only deploys the required & approved patches automatically, but also audits your entire network for unpatched systems and unapproved software.

Disaster Recovery and Virus Removal
BCS has expertise in recovering computers that have been compromised, are suspect, or have failed as a result of a security breach. Our experts can help assess the damage caused by the attack, and restore normal business operations and any data lost during the attack. Our experience with security reduces your downtime and allows us to recommend efficient ways to prevent or contain future attacks.

In October 2000, the Gartner group reported that one in two small companies will be hacked by 2003. Worse, up to 60% of those companies won’t even realize they’ve been hacked until it’s obvious. In 1999 the FBI estimated that the average cost of a security breach was $142,000.


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